Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & There Benefits

In today’s world marijuana is everywhere. Never has its use been higher than it is now, especially with stores popping up in states throughout the country. There are currently 11 states that are fully legalized, but it is still federally illegal throughout the country.

Completely Legalized and Decriminalized States

Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Maine, Vermont, Oregon, and California are fully legal and do have places that require medical cards for any adult between the ages of 18 and 21 but also have places that are strictly 21 and over. The District of Columbia is also fully legalized but not considered a state. All of the legalized states have completely decriminalized the once stage one drug but remain federally illegal.

Completely Legal & Not Decriminalized States

South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee Wisconsin, Kentucky, Wyoming, Louisiana, Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky and Idaho are fully legal to sell marijuana. These stores do not accept medical cards which means you must be 21 in order to be allowed in the buildings. These states have not at all decriminalized marijuana but could someday be on the way to doing so.

Not Legalized & Completely Mixed States

Mississippi, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York are all mixed on the decision to legalize the all-natural gift from nature. Each state has different views on the situation but for the most part, allow medicinal use and have reduced the criminalization on using it.

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Be Careful With The Laws

As mentioned before, although the use of this wonder plant has been legalized or decriminalized so much does not exclude the fact that the federal government seems to refuse to follow suit. If you are traveling and you enjoy the use of the product,  you can go online to any new york medical marijuana dispensary. Medical tests show the massive benefits of marijuana for a person’s health. In some cases, animals too. Check out the new 2019 laws set for now. There is a glimmer of hope though, with all 50 states allowing the sales and use of CBD.

CBD: The Legal Alternative

CBD is the non-phsycoactive chemical that is extracted from hemp to make many amazing products that benefit humans and animals. There is no THC at all in any CBD only product. You will never feel high when smoking or ingesting these products. This happens to be a perfect alternative for those looking for the reliefs that marijuana brings but without the head change. If you are one of the millions suffering from daily body pain, stress overloads, insomnia, lack of appetite, withdrawals from trying to quit another addiction, or just need to unwind after work without any worries then this could be the product for you no matter where you reside. These days you can walk into what seems to be any liquor store and even some gas stations and find CBD products for sale. Just be careful if you decide to purchase anything outside a legal dispensary. There have been cases where things have been mis-marked to disguise the product. Legal sites have the proper knowledge that one needs in order to be informed and know what to look for when shopping for their green goodness.

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