Research Continues To Be Promising On Stem Cell Therapy

Any form of alternative medicine and therapy is natural just the opposite of traditional medicine and therapy. Traditional medicine (drugs) have many side effects. Often these side effects found with traditional medicine are worse than the diagnosis they are prescribed.

Natural medicines and treatments have little to no side effects and are proving much more successful in treating many conditions. The list of natural remedies in the form of holistic medicines and treatments are gaining fast and popular recognition. Stem Cell Therapy is known as regenerative medicine.

One such treatment, falling into the category of alternative approaches to health and wellness is Stem Cell Therapy at various clinics throughout the United States, such as a stem cell therapy utah. This therapy has received a lot of attention over the last several years. However, Stem Cell Therapy is proving to be a highly successful treatment for improving and maybe eliminating many diagnoses that people suffer from, such as, but not limited to heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, osteoarthritis, ALS and spinal cord injuries. The one big problem with using Stem Cells to regenerate new cells is the ethical issues surrounding their use.

What is Stem Cell is Exactly

Stem cells are considered the body’s raw cells created from other cells whose function is specific to vital organs. Stem cells can regenerate to form new cells with a specific function. Some examples are brain cells, bone cells, cells contained in the muscles of the heart, and more. Stem cells offer a more natural ability to generate new cell types. Stem cells are the only cells in the body that can generate cell types. Research is working to find alternatives to organ donations such so few are available. Stem Cell Therapy may answer this need.

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Stem Cell research has come a long way over the last several years and this specific research continues to find new and exciting ways to heal the body’s perplexing health issues. Stem cell research is opening new doors in the medical arena to answer the question of how the body can regenerate new healthy cells, thus replacing diseased cells. Stem Cell Therapy is offering people the opportunity to repair diseased and damaged cells throughout the body.

The disease processes that continue to decline a person’s health and wellness may include health issues such as, but not limited to spinal cord injuries, ALS, heart disease, burns, diabetes, osteoarthritis, stroke, and cancer. Research is currently trying to determine what methods they can use to program these cells into specific cells.

Researchers are finding that Stem Cell Therapy can be used in transplanting and regenerating new cells, eliminating some of the above-listed diagnosis. There are always new traditional drugs coming into the market, but before these new drugs are available to people these drugs are tested on Stem Cells to determine the drugs safety and their effectiveness. This testing shows the effect on stem cells and if the drug harmed the cells in any way.

Where Do Stem Cells Come

Stem Cells come from embryos at day three to five. Research finds that these embryonic stem cells are successfully used to grow more cells and repair damaged tissues and vital organs. The stem cells can regenerate new cells for any vital organ in the body because these cells are versatile adapting to any cells that are damaged.

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Stem Cells, are found in bone marrow or fat in the adult body. The downside of this source is that the function of these stem cells is limited. Researchers now find that this source of Stem Cells may be able to regenerate any part of the human body but only through reprogramming these cells to act like the embryonic stem cells. Research is trying to determine if adult Stem Cells can indeed regenerate specific new cells for diseased cells without any side effect.